[packman] Multimedia/cmus package issues

Martin Herkt lachs0r at srsfckn.biz
Sun Jun 18 10:08:15 CEST 2017

First off, this desperately needs an update (if only to get support for recent 
avformat), although upstream wouldn’t release anything new…

Project URL needs to be fixed (it’s https://cmus.github.io/), and there are 
some mistakes in the descriptions:

Main package:
- remove (via libmad) as the package is not even built with libmad support.
  (For the record: libmad has terrible output quality as it uses dumb linear 
  sample interpolation to get signed integer output).
- remove mentions of irrelevant output plugins (aRTS, SUN)
- maybe even remove the formats entirely, since the plugins are separate
  packages anyway

All plugin packages:

s/MPC (Musepack)/Opus/ (including Summary:)

Also, the aac plugin needs a few %if %{with faad}.
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