[packman] get_flash_videos issue

Luigi Baldoni aloisio at gmx.com
Thu Jul 20 18:26:07 CEST 2017

Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2017 at 5:39 PM
From: "Carl Fletcher" <caf4926 at gmail.com>

> OS Leap 42.2 _64
> Couldn't extract Flash movie URL. This site may need specific support
> adding,
> or fixing.
> Please confirm the site is using Flash video and if you have Flash
> available
> check that the URL really works(!).

First of all, get-flash-videos is in the official repository, not packman,
so I think you're in the wrong mailing list:)

> Check for updates by running: /usr/bin/get_flash_videos --update

>From what I can see, network:utilities is a digit ahead (1.25.92 vs 1.25.91),
maybe try that one before anything else.

> If the latest version does not support this please open a bug
> at http://code.google.com/p/get-flash-videos/ making sure you include
> the output with --debug enabled. Alternatively, fix it yourself and send us
> a pull request on Github: https://github.com/monsieurvideo/get-flash-videos
> Couldn't download any videos.

Flash video downloading is not an exact science, so it can break without advance
If upgrading to the latest version doesn't help, I suggest you file a bug report
upstream, possibly with the URL.


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