[packman] phonon-backend-vlc

Lorenzo Porta vindex17 at outlook.it
Mon Sep 29 12:02:33 CEST 2014

I've updated phonon-backend-vlc, and I think it's better if I give some explanations. First, I've deleted the "pre12.1" version and unified everything under the same classic "phonon-backend-vlc" package for all versions of openSUSE. The spec file is able to choose the appropriate src version depending on openSUSE version, using simple and easy-to-understand conditionals. Then, I reactivated the building for all distros because the package in the official repositories is not appropriate for packman vlc: it's built against the official "vlc-devel" package/libraries that are different from packman vlc packages/libraries (if you don't trust me, just verify that by yourselves using at least "diff" and "size"). Now, with my modifications, there is an updated and correctly-compiled phonon-backend-vlc for everyone, and it works better on your machines. If there are any problems/bugs, just post them.
Enjoy it!


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