[packman] Latest VLC broken?

Johannes Obermayr johannesobermayr at gmx.de
Sun Sep 28 12:38:53 CEST 2014

Am Sonntag, 28. September 2014, 12:06:15 schrieb Malte Gell:
> Thanks for your efforts!
> First, the same VLC version from VideoLAN does not segfault, theirs work.
> To make things a bit tidy, I uploaded the GDB output to pastebin.com, I
> hope this is okay: http://pastebin.com/zpU14cpC

> #12 0x00007ffff75915dd in _dlerror_run () from /lib64/libdl.so.2

I assume vlc tries to execute a function from a not dlopened library.

Please install -debuginfo packages:
$ sudo zypper in libvlccore7-debuginfo libvlc5-debuginfo glibc-debuginfo

Then generate a new backtrace:
$ gdb vlc -batch -ex "run" -ex "bt full" -ex "q"

And paste the new output.


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